Limited Liability Partnership Company

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Why you should register a Limited Liability Partnership Company

1. flexibility of operations

In this paragraph most importantly Limited Liability Partnership Company or Company registration in India  Company allows its partners to adopt an internal operation same in form of a traditional company while limiting their liability to the extent of their individual capital contributions.

2. limited liabilities

No one can touch the Personal assets of the Partner’s/Promotors, hence there’s no way of Losing Personal Property, Assets

3. Choice of agreement clauses

The Partners have the choice to make the clauses for the Company’s agreement to define the duties, obligations, right’s of the Partner’s

4. Platform

LLP Company gets a Global Platform as it is Registered in MCA(Ministry of Corporate Affair’s).

5. Lesser compliances

No Tension of Conducting Annual Meeting’s by the Partners. No Compulsion on checking the accounts till 40lakhs turnover or 25lakhs partners contribution.

6. No limit on maximum number of partner

Limited Liability Partnership Company can present any number of partner, which can increases the possibility of obtaining the max amount of investors for a company.

Requirements Of Limited Liability Partnership Company

Minimum 2 Partner's
One of the Partner must be Indian Resident
Minimum 2 Shareholders
DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for 2 Promoters & 1 witness
RUN Name approval (atleast 2 Proposed Name's Options)
Photograph, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Address Proof of all the Directors
Minimum Authorised Share Contribution 10,000 (INR Ten Thousand)
Registered Office Address Proof.
Payment Details
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