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Registration of a Trademark / Trademark Register Process

TM Application filing process

1. Information Form

Firstly, Tell us about your brand name/ name that you want to trademarked and nature of business.

2. Free Search Report

After That, We will search the Official TM Registry to check for its availability. In other Words We Will Provide You the Search Report

3. Documentation

In Addition, We will prepare all the documents required for the TM application and Similarly will Update you.

4. payment

Similarly, Depending upon the package, we provide you the quotation and payment is to be done to Signaura IPR LLP, After that We will Proceed Further.

5. Drafting

After that, we file the TM Draft an send you for the confirmation, Similarly After receiving confirmation on the draft, we will file for TM Register / Application

6. TM Filing

In Conclusion, and covering above all stages after that Your Trademark Register application is filed within 4 hour's of receive your confirmation

Trademark Register Fees / Registration Fees

Trademark Registration fees
Registration Stages

1. New Application​

Firstly, your Trademark Register application is checked and verified for clearing of all the required formalities as per the tm registration rules

2. Examination

In Conclusion, The examination officer checks conflicting mark with existing applications after that they may raise objection or clears it for further registration.

3. Objection

For Instance, If it is objected, After That, we have to file a written reply answering all the objections raised in the examination report within the given time.

4. Acceptance and Advertising

After That, If the reply is accepted, then the application gets advertised in the TM Journal to make it official for public.

5. Opposition

 However, this Hits in a very rare case, for Instance where the public may oppose the application if they find it too similar to their applications.

6. Registration

After that, the given time of advertisement, a Trademark Register / registration certificate is issued and emailed to you.

frequently asked questions

In this Paragraph, Firstly We Will discuss Benefits if Trademark registered. Firstly, the Company / Individual obtains rights over it. However, This secures its identity from being copied or infringed by anybody else in the same field of business. In Addition, It also gives exclusive right to owner to use the name for his own company, products or services, or sell it to any prospective buyer. Above all, It protects the goodwill associated with the brand name of the organization. Above all mentioned are some of the benefits, our professionals may discuss in details during consultation.

However, most importantly It is valid for 10 years from the date of application.  You even get a reminder from the Registry itself telling you to renew it. Most Importantly, If you keep renewing it you can keep the trademark with you for lifetime.

Firstly, a Trademark is used to describe the identity of a product, service of company in the market. Securing this is known as Trademark Registration .similarly Whereas, a copyright refers to securing the right to copy and similarly sell any artwork created by the author or artist, for him to be able to gain monetary benefit from his creation.

In other word, title, symbol, heading, name signature, numeral or any combination therefore can be applied for Trademark Registration in India. Similarly, Any Slogan, Base or Punch Line, etc. which are used to describe any product or service better can also be applied.

TM is applied for registration within 24 hours once we get required documents and payment. However You can start using the ™ symbol alongside your brand name because your TM application is Under Process Now. After about 12-18 Months, it gets registered and Most Importantly certificate is issued. In addition, You can start using the ® symbol after receiving the certificate.

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